Kirribilly Viticulture offer the full range of vineyard operational services ranging from total vineyard management and operation to specific operations as required by our clients. All of our team are fully trained and licensed and our services include;

  • Vineyard Establishment/Development
  • Co-Ordination of Re-Development
  • Harvesting - Gregoire Self Propelled,Tow Behind, Pellenc Self Propelled and Tow Behind Harvesters, gondola bins, grape bins, grape bin trailers and forklifts
  • Pruning - Pellenc Barrel Pruners and contract labour teams
  • Spraying - various size spray units for herbicide, fungicide, insecticide and spot spraying applications – including single and multi-row units as required
  • Foliage Management - mechanical and manual wire lifting, shoot thinning, vine training and desuckering
  • Bird Netting - application and removing of bird netting
  • Trellis Repairs - sourcing relevant materials, wire running and post knocking
  • Irrigation Operation and Repairs – all operational requirements, flushing, system repairs and diagnostic services
  • Weed Control – Undervine mechanical weeders and spray units, slashing, discing and rotary hoeing
  • Cover Cropping – sourcing seed and direct drilling of cover crops
  • Property Maintenance – road grading, fencing repairs and waterway maintenance
  • Cane Sweeping and Mulching
  • Straw Spreading
  • Labour Supply – supply of skilled machine operators and contract labour teams for all manual labour requirements


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